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We are a full service, digital video production company based in Manchester and we produce every aspect of video production from scriptwriting, storyboarding and filming, to editing, animation and visual effects. We approach every project with fresh minds and deliver video solutions that grip audiences emotionally, ultimately elevating our clients above their competition. We use our imaginations to the full. We don’t play it safe, we lean away from mediocrity, and that’s where we have found our reward. Whatever we’re producing and promoting, we give our clients the opportunity to get ahead, and stay ahead.


We’ve never visited the box. We inspire our clients through new ways of thinking.


We understand audiences and create content that connects with them emotionally.


We communicate quality advice that increases the impact of the project.


We respond quickly to client briefs and we always hit demanding deadlines.

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Our Vision
We believe in better, for ourselves, our clients and their brands. We innovate, we inspire and we educate and we employ the latest video production technologies and techniques to achieve our goals. We push industry standards and we aim high. We will work tirelessly to tell your story, engage with your audience and achieve your vision. That is our vision.
Original Content
We produce content that informs, educates and entertains. We produce all types of video content from adverts and promos to customer testimonials and social media videos. Whatever the brief, our creatives will create the perfect video solution. The production team then generate fresh content that achieves all of the brief objectives and exceeds client expectations.




We don’t just turn up and shoot. We plan your video meticulously.
Video Production
Video Production
We have the talent, the latest equipment and the knowledge at our / your disposal.
Once we have the raw materials we bring your vision to life in an engaging and creative way.

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Deep Experience
At Brickhouse we apply immersive techniques to all our videos. We want the viewer to deeply engage with the subject, to see it, to hear it and to feel it. To focus entirely on it and connect emotionally with it. That way we will achieve the results both we and you want.

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TECHNOLOGY In the production industry the latest cameras, kit and post-production software can make a huge difference to the final video. We use the latest tech and we introduce our clients to it through innovative video solutions that capture attention.
TECHNIQUES We use our equipment to the full and we introduce viewers to new ways of seeing and hearing, even feeling. By employing new techniques we deliver a client’s vision of their organisation in the way they want it to be seen by their audience.

News & Blog Posts

Dec 2018
Essential Tips for Creating a Perfect LinkedIn Video

In this two-part article we explain how LinkedIn’s video audience and metrics compare to those on YouTube and Facebook, and also discover tips for creating and optimizing your LinkedIn videos. LinkedIn offers a truly unique opportunity to engage with actual business owners and team members. Most LinkedIn subscribers are either employed or actively seeking new opportunities, with a broad demographic covering many business topics. Therefore, content creators, such a video creators, can reach out to business people with buying power. Especially people and companies in the B2B industries. Obviously, the first port of call is to optimise your profile listing, ensure you have a good profile image, an interesting keyword Read more

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Nov 2018
Attract Prospects with these Essential Video Landing Page Tips

Once you have created your exciting brand video, showcasing your products or services, you will need platforms to showcase the video on. One such channel is your own website, in fact a page on the website, designed to convert visitors into leads. You video will help build trust in your brand. Other trust factors, that should immediately be visible to the searcher, upon viewing the page, include having an easy to use navigation, your phone number, the page should be mobile friendly, and ideally include a benefit driven testimonial. Visitors tend to skim web pages, having a bold call to action may catch the eye of a browser, the call Read more

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Oct 2018
Important Tips for Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Using video for marketing is increasing at a fast rate, with consumers wanting to consume video content, Cisco predicts over 80% of marketers plan to use video to drive traffic and sales by 2020. Have you considered video yet, or do you need to optimise your video marketing strategy? If so here are some tips to consider, to improve your quality traffic from video. In an ideal world, we will have a marketing funnel, to funnel prospects from a cold lead to finally a converted sale. Videos can be produced for each stage of your marketing funnel, such as brand awareness videos for the top of the funnel, lead generation Read more

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Sep 2018
Video Content Marketing – Get Your Videos Noticed!

Brickhouse Video Production now offer a video content marketing service called “Brickhouse Hooked”. Video creation is a great way to engage with your customers and attract new prospects. Your videos can be a part of the prospects journey through your sales funnel. Videos can be classed as new and unique content, that can be leveraged through the appropriate channels. This type of “click bait” can be used to drive more traffic to your website or customer acquisition assets you may use. Videos are used to break down barriers, and move potential buyers along the sales funnel from attraction to conversion. In its simplest form it is a lead generation service Read more

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Aug 2018
Easy Tips on Building Your YouTube Channel Fan Family

So, you’ve created an engaging creative video, to show off to your fans, but in order to make the video work its hardest, you need to continually grow your avid fanbase. Fans, followers and subscribers who feel they have a more personal connection with you, will be a lot more likely to share your videos, and so organically grow your fan following. Tips to encourage a greater and more active fan following include: Reply to fans comments in the commenting section, in order to show you care about the comments and are an active video channel creator. Fans love to hear from you! You should “heart” a comment, if justified, Read more

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Our Home

Our Home


We’re fortunate to have an awesome home at the Sharp Project – Manchester’s most vibrant creative video and digital business cluster. At this 200,000 square foot converted electronics factory we have everything a video production company requires for film productions of various sizes including 4 large production stages and 4 green screen studios. We are one of many businesses from the creative and digital industries located here and we have great working relationships with our neighbours. As a result we are a full service one-stop shop for video production delivering high quality 4K video across the board.

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