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We are a full service, digital video production company based in Manchester and we produce every aspect of video production from scriptwriting, storyboarding and filming, to editing, animation and visual effects. We approach every project with fresh minds and deliver video solutions that grip audiences emotionally, ultimately elevating our clients above their competition. We use our imaginations to the full. We don’t play it safe, we lean away from mediocrity, and that’s where we have found our reward. Whatever we’re producing and promoting, we give our clients the opportunity to get ahead, and stay ahead.


We’ve never visited the box. We inspire our clients through new ways of thinking.


We understand audiences and create content that connects with them emotionally.


We communicate quality advice that increases the impact of the project.


We respond quickly to client briefs and we always hit demanding deadlines.

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Our Vision
We believe in better, for ourselves, our clients and their brands. We innovate, we inspire and we educate and we employ the latest video production technologies and techniques to achieve our goals. We push industry standards and we aim high. We will work tirelessly to tell your story, engage with your audience and achieve your vision. That is our vision.
Original Content
We produce content that informs, educates and entertains. We produce all types of video content from adverts and promos to customer testimonials and social media videos. Whatever the brief, our creatives will create the perfect video solution. The production team then generate fresh content that achieves all of the brief objectives and exceeds client expectations.




We don’t just turn up and shoot. We plan your video meticulously.
Video Production
Video Production
We have the talent, the latest equipment and the knowledge at our / your disposal.
Once we have the raw materials we bring your vision to life in an engaging and creative way.

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Deep Experience
At Brickhouse we apply immersive techniques to all our videos. We want the viewer to deeply engage with the subject, to see it, to hear it and to feel it. To focus entirely on it and connect emotionally with it. That way we will achieve the results both we and you want.

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TECHNOLOGY In the production industry the latest cameras, kit and post-production software can make a huge difference to the final video. We use the latest tech and we introduce our clients to it through innovative video solutions that capture attention.
TECHNIQUES We use our equipment to the full and we introduce viewers to new ways of seeing and hearing, even feeling. By employing new techniques we deliver a client’s vision of their organisation in the way they want it to be seen by their audience.

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Feb 2021
Essential Safety Tips When Flying Your Drone

If you are worried about commencing your first drone flight, and need some advice on avoiding any mishaps, here are some drone flight safety tips, that can help minimise problems from the outset. It is always best at the beginning to choose an open area to fly your drone. Ensure there is minimal signal interference. This point is essential for beginners, as it will lead to less panicking and significantly decrease the chances of a crash. Test you battery to ensure it is fully charged, if the battery has been stored for a while, it will have probably lost some charge, batteries do degrade over time, so testing batteries regularly Read more

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Aug 2020
Make Your Videos Convert – Improve Your Offer!

In order to maximise conversions, you need to have a great offer. Here we list a collection of strategies for you to consider in relation to your product or service. For each offer component consider what you currently offer and what you could offer, to maximise the potential of your offer. Ideally you need to include a selection of these in your offer/USP/value proposition and general marketing, which includes the copy in your video. Product or service Associated services or products Logistics Deliverability / Availability Customer / Technical Support Selection / Convenience Risk Reversal / Guarantee Warranty / Policies Bonuses Terms Pricing Quality Perceived Value Status Reputation Joining The Club Read more

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Jul 2020
Essential Video Promotion Strategies

You can have a great video, but without the correct promotion, the video will not be as successful as expected. Effort should be taken to promote your video. Here are some video promotion strategies to get you going. Did you know you can optimise your videos for the search engines on You Tube? With a combination of a compelling video, and the necessary keywords used, you can gain great exposure. The description is where you would put your message, using keywords that are searched by visitors, this also tells the search engines about your video content. Also include a call to action and a link to your landing page. Video Read more

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Jun 2020
Ways to Improve Your Instagram Video Ads to Create More sales

You can easily enhance your Instagram video ads to perform well in your feed, check out the following suggestions to bring in a better ROI for your video ads. The best piece of advice to give is to base your video ad on a single topic. Viewers need to be clearly informed of the product being sold and have a clear call to action of what to do next, whether it be a sales video or a brand awareness video. Too many options will lead to a lower ROI. One exception could be to use an Instagram Shoppable Post, and link to a few different products. Instagram video ads can Read more

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May 2020
Tried and Tested Videos to Market Your Business

You should be using video to create interest in your products, at various points in the customer journey. Different types of video can be used to attract different audience types wanting varied solutions. Here is a selection of popular types of videos to use in your promotion. Demonstration Videos Explaining, demonstrating and showcasing your products is a great way to show how the product or service works. You can take your viewers on a journey to understand your products. You could demonstrate the software, if it is a physical product you could put the product to the test, to prove it is fit for purpose, which will instil trust in Read more

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