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You can easily enhance your Instagram video ads to perform well in your feed, check out the following suggestions to bring in a better ROI for your video ads.

The best piece of advice to give is to base your video ad on a single topic. Viewers need to be clearly informed of the product being sold and have a clear call to action of what to do next, whether it be a sales video or a brand awareness video. Too many options will lead to a lower ROI. One exception could be to use an Instagram Shoppable Post, and link to a few different products.

Instagram video ads can be as log as 120 seconds, but often shorter videos, around 30 seconds, perform better. This means we have to get straight to the point, and outline the offer and call to action earlier on in the video ad. It is best to encourage the viewer to find out more by utilising the call to action, by raising their curiosity in the video.

Users must be hooked by attention grabbing content, such as the pain point of the viewer, in the first few seconds. A useful tip is to keep the language simple, and any overlays short.

A great strategy is to use native ads, this type of ad is designed to resemble a normal post, and so not come across as an ad at all. We do not want our viewers to realise we are selling something to them. Avoid sounding salesy at all costs.

Some techniques to resemble native posts include making the video ad educational or giving helpful tips. The idea is to give value, aswell as promoting your products. This could be done by showing how the product solves a particular problem.

It is essential to optimise your ad and landing page for mobile views, as most Instagram users will be viewing on their mobile. This includes text that is easy to read and the video renders well on a small screen.

Be aware that your first ad may not be the one that converts the best, you will have to create a few ads, and test them all, to see which ad drives the most traffic and conversions. Begin with a small test budget, and increase budget when you have a winning ad. Test variables such as length, colours, text and also the all important landing page.

People will inevitably interact with your ad, monitoring these is essential, and you must be ready to engage with comments. This will show you care, and answer any questions customers may have about your product.

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