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In this two-part article we explain how LinkedIn’s video audience and metrics compare to those on YouTube and Facebook, and also discover tips for creating and optimizing your LinkedIn videos.

LinkedIn offers a truly unique opportunity to engage with actual business owners and team members. Most LinkedIn subscribers are either employed or actively seeking new opportunities, with a broad demographic covering many business topics.

Therefore, content creators, such a video creators, can reach out to business people with buying power. Especially people and companies in the B2B industries.

Obviously, the first port of call is to optimise your profile listing, ensure you have a good profile image, an interesting keyword rich title, and with descriptive, bullet-pointed, about us text.

LinkedIn users are generally split into three types, those that log in infrequently to check up on notifications, commonly called “listeners”, those that actively read and comment on articles and content, and the actual content creators, who create and consume content.

At the moment, due to the length of time it has been in existence, You Tube tends to attract slick, polished video creators, while LinkedIn is, comparatively speaking, still at the start of its video content life, hence a lot of LinkedIn videos tend to be personal vlogs, business owners trying out video for the first time. Although video advertisers are now creating more polished content for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn videos need to be simpler than You Tube, with a more personal touch, as this is what visitors are used to seeing and hence what they expect.

The usual two video creation rules also apply to Linked In videos, keep the topic simple, ideally one topic, and keep the video to under one minute in length.

It is best practice to write bullet points, in effect, story board your video, to help you create a concise video within the one-minute timeline.

In part two we will discuss optimising your video and metrics to consider.

Stay tuned for part two next month!

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