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You should be using video to create interest in your products, at various points in the customer journey. Different types of video can be used to attract different audience types wanting varied solutions. Here is a selection of popular types of videos to use in your promotion.

Demonstration Videos

Explaining, demonstrating and showcasing your products is a great way to show how the product or service works. You can take your viewers on a journey to understand your products. You could demonstrate the software, if it is a physical product you could put the product to the test, to prove it is fit for purpose, which will instil trust in you potential customers.

Brand Awareness Videos

At the start of a customers journey, to attract the attention of a prospect, a brand awareness campaign can be very useful, this type of video will be used as part of a larger campaign. Brand awareness campaigns showcase the companies vision, products and services, from a top level stand-point.

The campaign should still be targeted to your preferred audience, to intrigue and attract, with the aim to increase the size of your audience.

Company Event Videos

If you are running a conference, fundraiser, networking, round table discussion or different type of event, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your business, by creating a video around this type of event.

You could record the event as is, or release snippets of the event, in bite-sized chunks, highlighting the best points. Assemble any interesting interviews and presentations, to use as reusable assets for you content marketing.

Influencer and Expert Videos

This type of video content is great for adding the trust factor to your products or services. You can be seen as an authority in your area by capturing interviews with influencers, thought leaders and experts in your industry.

Research the leaders in your industry, and list a set of questions to ask them, then set up an “around the coffee table” type interview for you to record and distribute to you audience. If the interview is long, then you can split into parts, to schedule out into subsequent posts.

How-To or Educational Videos

Often prospects need to be educated first on the uses and benefits of your products. Instructional how-to videos can be used to build foundational knowledge and give the solutions your product will satisfy.

Educational videos are great assets for your sales and service teams to use, to syndicate out to customers who need the extra knowledge, in order for them to make a purchasing decision.

Testimonial and Case Study Customer Videos

Videos featuring your happy, satisfied and loyal customers are a very powerful way to drive sales and increase trust in your brand. Your prospects will be informed in a visual way, by impartial customers that your product or service will solve their problem.

Try and encourage your customers on video to explain their challenges, how your solutions overcame the challenges, and subsequently solved their problems.

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