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Videos are now becoming the primary digital marketing tool for businesses to showcase their products and services, ideally giving a company essential viral exposure.

It has become apparent that there are essential tips to use when creating and promoting a commercial video, that will help the video gain the necessary traction needed.

Make your videos interesting and exciting to watch.

We must ensure our video is not considered to be a boring video, and should ideally have a viral component to the content, to encourage social interactions and sharing.

Shorter videos are often remembered and even watched to the end.

Our viewers online are often short of time, and usually impatient to move onto the next interesting site to view. If we keep our messages short, but powerful, the more likely people are to remember the content.

Google has recently introduced mobile first indexing, so we must make our videos mobile friendly.

As phones are now often replacing computers, for people to work and play on, it’s essential corporate videos are mobile friendly. In essence, this means videos must be able to be viewed and downloaded easily onto a mobile.

Using quality background and presentation audio will make a great first impression.

Music can make the video sound more atmospheric, evoking wide ranging emotions. Use carefully selected music that will fit the mood and topic of the video.

Commercial videos will also benefit greatly from using a professional voice, with words spoken confidently and with clarity. An experienced employee or a professional voice-over artist should be used.

It is usually the case, even in an “informal” topical video, that we require high quality production. An expert should be consulted, in order to have the correct lighting, voice-overs and the all-important editing of the video.

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