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In this second part we discuss best practices, optimising your video and metrics to consider when evaluating the performance of the video.

LinkedIn viewers usually don’t want to watch a 10-minute video, that rambles and lacks a clear point, this may be okay for YouTube, as YouTube favours longer videos, as more ad opportunities appear, but keep the videos shorter and more focused on LinkedIn.

Using captions on your videos is now best practice, as people are likely to have the sound turned off while watching on mobile. Note, LinkedIn tends to play videos automatically as you’re scrolling. Popular iOS apps for adding captions include Clipomatic and Clips. Generally square or horizontal shaped videos are preferred as opposed to vertical videos, due to the way LinkedIn can clip the videos.

LinkedIn metrics include the common video metrics such as views, likes and comments. Shares statistic is not always fully recorded, so it is a good idea to use a unique post hashtag, to track shares.

Extra demographic metrics, that are unique to LinkedIn, can be useful regarding making connections, these include job function, company and location of people who viewed the video.

Be aware the first second of the video is often used as the thumbnail, so make sure this is a good image of yourself or a brand image. Not a good idea to begin with a black screen, as some videos do!

The text that accompanies the video is often clipped, to only show a few lines, so put your best copy, or call to actions, at the start of the accompanying text. It is a good idea just to tag a few of the people in the video, too many tags can look spammy, and people could unfollow you.

A popular type of video content, also popular on Instagram, are “slice-of-life” videos. But you need to adapt these for LinkedIn, by sharing what it is like to speak at a conference, or travel, or collaborate with business partners.

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