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Here at Brickhouse, we first got our hands on the DJI Ronin earlier this year and haven’t looked back.

The DJI Ronin is a handheld, 3-axis, stabilised gimbal system. Its clever design gives filmmakers even more freedom on set to get longer, more dramatic shots that capture every second of the action in a perfectly steady, flowing motion.

Marking a massive advance in camera stabilisation technology, this impressive piece of kit uses custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms to make precision shots possible for lower budgets.

Using its unique stabilised system has helped us at Brickhouse to achieve great results. Without the Ronin you wouldn’t have had the same feeling of fluidity and scale that are essential to the impact of videos. In the right operator’s hands, the results are comparable to anything the biggest production could achieve.

We love it, and have been blown away by its capabilities since investing. Our clients love it too because they can get awesome shots without having to steady themselves when they hear the cost.

Next time you’re looking for shots that get close to the action and follow it perfectly, our DJI Ronin could be the technology you need to make it happen.

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