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We can control time! Well, sort of. Time remapping is a fantastic tool that enables you to create a unique depth to the pace of any story. Turning the missed and the misunderstood on its head, resulting in action packed, information filled sequences with awesome viewer experience.

Any shot can be slowed down or sped up, allowing you to communicate a complex journey in a short space of time, and the changes in pace enable the key events to be given greater impact and dynamism. This simple technique manipulates key moments by condensing a series of events creating excitement and pace or slowing it right down, as if frozen in time, for the audience to focus, pause and reflect on a moment that in real time may have slipped by.

As with most techniques, you’ll have seen videos that have been time remapped many many times, but you may not know the technicalities of how it works. It all begins with the raw footage. When we include time remapping in our videos we shoot with it in mind so our shots utilise the technique to maximum effect. We think about the crucial moments where we want to draw attention, create suspense and blow the audience away. And we employ sound design to take it to another level.

Though not a new addition to the filmmaker’s box of tricks, the latest editing software has made time remapping less time consuming thus widening its use and enabling companies like us to push the boundaries further than ever before. Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinici Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas to name but a few are great tools for mastering time remapping. Teamed in conjunction with carefully crafted sound design, it can add a new dimension of suspense, pace and excitement just where it’s needed.


Here’s an example of how we’ve used the technique.

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