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Hey there!
Hope you’re keeping well. By this point we are all well and truly in survival mode. In this new reality we’ve got 2 options:

1.  Retreat into ourselves
2.  Take back control

Communication with your audience is crucial right now, and a great way of taking back control of your comms is through animation. It always has been an exciting way of visually conveying a branded message, but its importance has just gone through the roof. 

With animation you can fully immerse your audience in your world, and by drawing inspiration from your brand you can tell engaging stories, simplify complex subjects, control brand messages and bring previously dull material to life!

To add to its appeal, animation can all be done remotely and there’s no need for any filming or face to face meetings. You’ll be able to build again and once we’re through this, your brand will be in a very strong position to capitalise. 
At Brickhouse we specialise in animation and CGI, and can advise on the best content to produce for your audience, whether it’s a series of short simple pieces built to grab attention or longer content designed to inform your audience.   

All advice is free and due to the current climate, we’re offering high volume, high quality packages at reduced rates.

Contact us on 0330 058 5333 or drop us a message on [email protected] and we will assist.

We will survive this and we will do so by helping you through it too.

Thinking positively about the future?  Think about animation.

Stay Safe. Chat Soon.

Building brands brick by brick .

Brickhouse – CGI & Animation from Brickhouse on Vimeo.

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