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Reasons to use Video Creatives through all Customer Touch Points

In this new digital climate we are working in, it is much more important than ever to have all internal teams, such as product development, brand marketing and ecommerce, working together, to produce video creatives for each stage of the customer journey, from a customer initially researching, to the sale of the product and subsequent follow ups.

Customers are often attracted to a brand, through the stories a brand may curate, and distribute through their digital channels. The demographic of the customer and the point they are in their journey, will resonate in these stories. Data insights will help the brand to examine what stories are attracting most interest or sales. Basically, what the customer is looking at, and inspiring them.

At the beginning of a campaign the brand can showcase inspirational stories and visuals, then later focus on actual product features and benefits.

It is also important, to be consistent with the brand creatives and messages, through all customer touch points, so as not to confuse the customer, which will hinder the journey to a sale.

Brand and ecommerce teams must be consistent and integrated, together they must encourage the customer to go from researching mode to buying mode. Call to actions could go from “explore now”, through to “learn more” and finally to “shop now”. A strategy may include the brand team creating inspirational ads, while the ecommerce store created the shopping ads.

Following the distribution of the different types of ad, inspirational brand, technical product or shopping ads, learning from the results, and subsequent testing is vital for continued success. Real-time testing, to see if creatives are resonating with customers, shows us what is working. The testing will also give respective teams the necessary timing needed to deliver the appropriate ads, for instance, how many brand ads are needed, before more technical product ads are to be delivered.

Obviously, brand and product ads can run together, to increase engagement and conversions, with the ad data driving the strategies.

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