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Viridor Recycling Video

Plastic Waste Processor Viridor Works Toward Goal of a Circular Economy with a High Impact Recycling Video

Viridor are a waste management company that believe waste should not be wasted.

They have recycling centres all around Manchester and an Energy Recovery plant in Runcorn.

Chances are with 320 centres or plants across the UK some of your waste will end up in their hands. They are championing the dream of a circular economy.

The video that we produced details the impact that plastics are having on our environment. Over this last year we have seen a huge uptake in the conversation about saving our environment (hopefully we are not alone). From the Green Summit Film produced by Brickhouse Video Production last month; to the ground-breaking documentaries that open up the natural world to those living in the urban sprawl; people and businesses, and maybe even governments are starting to listen.

This video shows Viridor already working towards this goal though recycling and energy generation.

To gather the shots for the video we visited Viridor’s plastics processing centre in Skelmersdale. Inside was a haven of conveyor belts, machines and above all, plastic waste.
Sitting on the edge of Skelmersdale itself, the centre looks on towards farmers fields and flat countryside – giving a window into what we need to protect. Therefore, as well as indoor shots, we grabbed some amazing drone footage of the centre and the surrounding areas.

This was edited together with shots of plastic both from the centre and elsewhere, the collecting of plastic, and stock footage of our oceans and wildlife, surrounded by our plastic waste.
Graphics were also added to provide more of an impact and make the statistical figures clearer to the audience.

Viridor is aiming even higher and building even more processing and energy recovery centres across the UK in a bid to stem the tide of plastic.

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