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Hey there,

We wanted to let you know what we are doing at Brickhouse during these uncertain times. Things are changing for business and society as a whole. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by COVID-19.

As of now, the Brickhouse team are working from home and will continue to do so until we are advised otherwise by the Government. The welfare of our staff and the people we come into contact with is of paramount importance to us and we are doing whatever we can to limit the risk of infection.

That doesn’t mean that we’re closed for business. Far from it, in fact. All client campaigns are moving forward, and we are producing a range of content including:

Animation andCGI
Stock footage videos
Drone videos
Video tutorial and e-learning 
Live conferencing

We’re also advising on content strategies to get clients out of survival mode and into a state where they can thrive when this is over.

In difficult times communication is key. The messaging may change in the short term but your audience wants to hear from you and wants to know that you care. If you need assistance, we are in a strong position to help and are happy to offer free advice.

Just give us a call on 0330 058 5333 or drop us a message on [email protected] and we will assist.

Stay Safe. Chat Soon.

Building brands brick by brick .

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