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A new search feature by Google will enable Google to break down sections of the video you are watching.

It is now even more important to have a video creation strategy as Google will show precise sections of your commercial videos in its search results.

Google will often show video on its page one, linking to your video on the different video channels, and if set up correctly, currently can show suggested clips, and jump you to a portion of the video that will answer the visitors specific query.

Now Google has gone one step further, and is testing a feature called “in this video”, which shows a timeline of video sections, to guide you to the sub-topics that may be interest.

The “in this video” search feature section can show up under a video snippet in the search results. It will show a timeline format of sub-sections of your video, and let you click to jump ahead to that specific portion of the video.

This demonstrates Googles advanced ability to determine the content in the video, by using a combination of suggested clips and the “in this video” feature.

It benefits visitors by enabling them to jump over irrelevant portions of the video, therefore sending people to the section of the video the searcher wants to see and hear.

This is why it is now absolutely essential to structure you video content in a clear and understandable way so searchers and robots, like Google, can easily breakdown the sections of the video, this will eventually become integral to your search engine optimisation strategy.

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