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LinkedIn can be a great platform to generate more business to business leads.

Today is a challenging time to acquire new customers, as people are becoming less responsive to traditional advertising. That’s why having a consistent social media presence coupled with engaging videos, can be the way forward to generate leads.

To develop your LinkedIn marketing, you initially have to outline your customer acquisition strategy.

This will first entail deciding what your goals are, then defining the problems and solutions of your audience. Generally campaigns will target brand awareness or generating leads.

We need our video content to resonate with our audience, i.e. our ideal prospects. It is important to set realistic KPI targets, beginning with a few test campaigns, with a defined timeline and budget. We can then optimise the campaign, to help give us the necessary ROI.

After you have developed an outline plan for the campaign, you then need to create the actual video content needed to attract your preferred audience.

LinkedIn native videos are created for and directly uploaded to LinkedIn. Native video will autoplay in the LinkedIn feed and grab more attention.

LinkedIn video ads are sponsored videos that appear in the feed. These videos can be used for brand awareness, consideration, and lead generation.

Each stage of the customer journey is unique and requires specific content to keep people involved and moving through the funnel to the conversion stage.

For prospects that are unfamiliar with your brand, creating awareness is our primary goal, to encourage people to learn more about the brand and visit the website. These videos tend to be product or problem solving based, short form videos. Motivational videos can also be effective promoting a positive image for the company. As in all stages of the consumer journey, we need to evoke an emotional response.

For prospects familiar with your brand we need to further enhance the customer experience, and further warm sell the brand. This may be with company story videos or corporate social responsibility videos, which can create a good feeling about your company.

Explainer and product demo videos tell consumers about your products and discuss how they provide a solution to the problem they may have. Keep them simple and to the point.

For the all-important conversion, we have to convince the customer we are the best solution for their problem. Trust enhancing videos, such as testimonial videos work well for this. Focus again on problems and the solutions, as well as the positive comments from existing purchasers.

Other considerations to keep in mind for the LinkedIn audience include:

  • Keep the video brief
  • Add a hook in the first few seconds to retain attention
  • Drive engagement by asking questions, or showcasing an interesting story that may encourage shares i.e. to make the video go viral
  • Include a call to action
  • Add subtitles
  • Add a catchy description in the post
  • Add relevant hashtags

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