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Using video for marketing is increasing at a fast rate, with consumers wanting to consume video content, Cisco predicts over 80% of marketers plan to use video to drive traffic and sales by 2020.

Have you considered video yet, or do you need to optimise your video marketing strategy? If so here are some tips to consider, to improve your quality traffic from video.

In an ideal world, we will have a marketing funnel, to funnel prospects from a cold lead to finally a converted sale. Videos can be produced for each stage of your marketing funnel, such as brand awareness videos for the top of the funnel, lead generation videos for warm middle of the funnel prospects, and sales engagement and case studies for the bottom of the funnel.

In line with the stages of the marketing funnel, you should set the videos into your automated sales process, whether email campaigns, social campaigns or a sales platform such as Hubspot.

You may consider expanding your team or utilising agencies and outsourcers to help with your video marketing, as the necessary skill set needed to produce a video marketing strategy may include, content creation, copywriting, video producing, editing, story-boarding, sales and customer service… Brickhouse Video Production now offer a video content marketing service called “Brickhouse Hooked” which can help with many of the essential tasks needed.

Obviously there will be a budget, that will have to be allocated to video marketing. If you plan to market in-house considerations will include software, which marketing platform to use, equipment, video promotion spend and time needed for tasks.

But the hopeful result will be a successful ROI. We will have to measure and monitor results, and tweak campaigns where necessary. Measurements will include views, impressions and shares, then ultimately, engagement and conversions.


The future is brighter with Brickhouse Hooked!

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