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It’s common knowledge that back in 1894 – 1929 silent movies were all the rage, this was because sound couldn’t be synchronised with videos. In these films, the dialogue was shown with their gestures, miming and title cards. More and more you’ll find many videos on Facebook are doing this too.

This is because Facebook has the ability to show users videos without the sound, which has made many brands and videographers find ways to interact and captivate viewers without the need for sound. After all, if you’re at work, and go on Facebook for a few minutes, you don’t want everyone at work hearing the videos you’re watching.

When optimising your videos for silent views, you’ll find many of these videos have the same things in common.

  • Striking visuals
  • Text-heavy descriptions
  • Text-on-image

The Facebook channel Copa 90 is a great example of how businesses use large, bold borders to show the video topic and they include subtitles indicating the conversation between the presenters.

When it comes to choosing text, always experiment with the style and font of the text, change its weight and other text elements too. The main thing is to focus on what the overall goal is of the video and making it stand out among the rest of the videos on a potential customers news feed.

When marketing to customers, it’s vital to pay attention to what the consumer wants and be creative within the marketing channels restraints. With Facebook especially, always think of the consumers attention span, as the video has to catch their eye when scrolling down the newsfeed, but it also can’t be too long for them to get bored. Many people go on Facebook in the few minutes they have spare every now and again, so the video has to be edgy and interesting to keep their attention.

Videos are the biggest marketing tool at the moment online, much more than images, but always keep ahead of the game and keep up with trends, as we never know what’s next!

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