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Online video marketing is increasing in popularity, as companies utilise the medium of video.

Videos have become a valued asset by Google, and Google will often rank a video on page one, rather than traditional web pages.

Social media platforms are currently expanding to encourage more video plays, through making it easier to advertise with video, and encouraging users to share viral videos.

Here are some essential tips for optimising your videos for the search engines

After you have created your video, you need to reach out and connect with your target audience.

  1. Write a good video title in the style of a headline. This is the most important signal for the search engines to discover your video. The headline must be able to grab the viewers attention. Appropriate descriptive keywords centered around the video topic must be used, give some thought to what your audience will type into Google to find your video.
  2. In order for the video to lend itself to being found and ranked, and generate traffic, the video content itself should be valuable to the viewer. The key in video marketing is to position yourself as an expert, to showcase your knowledge and skill. “How-to” videos are a good way to do this. Split up long videos into short one topic videos, in order to retain the viewers attention.
  3. Video editors now make it easy to add text boxes to videos. To drive more traffic to your website it is essential you add contact information in these boxes, such as the URL of your website. You could also add call to actions or links to your social media pages in the text boxes.
  4. One quick method for brand recognition is to add your logo to your video, the logo could be displayed all the time in a corner of the video, or just at key moments in the video.
  5. When you upload your video to a video platform such as YouTube, you will have the opportunity to add a short text description. This important area can be used to place sentences which include your important keywords, and also the full URL of your website.
  6. In addition to uploading your video to YouTube, you should also place or embed (from YouTube) your video on your own website. Views on your embedded website video will also help increase the ranking of your video on YouTube and Google.

With each video you create and optimise, you will become more proficient at promoting in the search results.

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