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Mancunians Contribute to the Greater Manchester Green Summit

Brickhouse Video Production has created an epic film for Greater Manchester’s second Green Summit. The Film shows the best and most inspirational of Greater Manchester’s people, places and ideas. We were, and still are, since the Industrial Revolution, one of the biggest (and THE best) cities in the UK.

But we are also one of the most polluted, and therefore, one of biggest contributors to climate change in the UK. But as ever we are changing. The first Green Summit last year was praised for leading the way towards carbon neutrality for the future of Manchester; launching the 5 year plan to put this city on a Greener path.

We were extremely excited to be able to create this film and to put our own stamp of inspirational storytelling to the project. We started by researching the huge problem facing everyone, and liaising with the GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) to find amazing Mancunians currently developing ideas or living their lives to aid the big push to limit climate change.

The next step was to film inspiring shots of Manchester, and a character which we could frame the narrative around. We travelled Scout Moor Wind Farm and Bolton Solar farm to grab some aerial shots and canvassed Manchester City Centre to show the growth of our city.

We met with City of Trees – who are on a mission to plan 3 million trees in Greater Manchester. We also saw a great initiative from the Zero Waste shop on Oxford road. Schemes seem to be popping up all over and the issues that we all face are permeating the minds of individuals and collectives.

With France banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and China tackling its air pollution problem, some governments are facing the issue. And we have an excellent voice and perspective in Shobi Mclean.

The second Green Summit aims to consult world leaders in their respective fields on the issue of climate change and update Mancunians on the goals and the progress of Greater Manchester’s 2038 plans. And with plans to repurpose landfill sites to host solar panels the future of Greater Manchester is going greener!

When it came to editing and compiling all the shots – we had a huge amount to choose from – which was both good and bad! Choosing the shots, but also keeping the piece a film with a flowing narrative, but not a montage was the next step. As with all videos there are changes along the way, sound to mix and editing magic to add.

The Green Summit event is now sold out, but you can watch the whole event through livestream at:

This is the link to the finished video:

Find out more about some of those making the difference in Greater Manchester, and what you can do to help, visit

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