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YouTube has made some huge changes to adverts appearing before user videos recently, with them going from 30 seconds, to 15 and now to the tiny amount of 6 seconds! Advertisers now have to become extra creative with the way they do things as 6 seconds isn’t quite long to create an epic  story. While there isn’t a set formula for creating these memorable short story videos, people are finding a way to do it. These four tips are a perfect start for doing your own.

  1. Your story should be focused on a single purpose

In the past, fitting a story, information about your product, taglines and branding into 30 seconds has been the main brief for advertisers. Now with only 6 seconds to play with, you can’t focus on all of them, so instead of rushing everything, we now have to focus on completing one aspect well.

These “bumpers” are created to give a viewer a quick and focused message, which means having a focussed purpose for the advert is vital. This focus can range from anything such as a product feature, a use of the product, to even a single joke. Once you have chosen your focus, make sure everything else is designed with this focus in mind.

  1. Quickly establish the ad and budget time

The most effective 6 second adverts begin with a striking visual that the whole advert and story is based around, you need to focus on a visual signal or single subject for the viewer to know straight away what the video is about. Avoid putting too much into the start as that may confuse viewers. You will need to leave viewers with a call to action or final thought on the brand, it’s ideal for this to last around two seconds which gives it enough time to sink in. Keep it simple and to the point.

  1. Don’t translate straight from your 30 second advert

Many people may fall into the trap of cutting down the whole of their 30 second ad and trying to fit it all into the 6 second one. Take a step back and look at your full length story and keep the only aspects that serve the powerful message.

  1. Keep in mind a series, compared to a single video

Some of the most powerful advertising campaigns are filled with multiple six second adverts rather than one ad. Each advert can explore a different idea or message.

Try to create an expectation of what your viewer will see by watching the three to five ads you’ll create. Keep them similar, but not identical, and once your frame is set, viewers will respond well to variations as it will stay fresh.

Your six second videos can be used to create a larger narrative and can be used in conjunction with other formats, such as display ads to extend what you wish to convey in your ads.

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