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Once you have created your exciting brand video, showcasing your products or services, you will need platforms to showcase the video on. One such channel is your own website, in fact a page on the website, designed to convert visitors into leads. You video will help build trust in your brand. Other trust factors, that should immediately be visible to the searcher, upon viewing the page, include having an easy to use navigation, your phone number, the page should be mobile friendly, and ideally include a benefit driven testimonial. Visitors tend to skim web pages, having a bold call to action may catch the eye of a browser, the call Read more

Using video for marketing is increasing at a fast rate, with consumers wanting to consume video content, Cisco predicts over 80% of marketers plan to use video to drive traffic and sales by 2020. Have you considered video yet, or do you need to optimise your video marketing strategy? If so here are some tips to consider, to improve your quality traffic from video. In an ideal world, we will have a marketing funnel, to funnel prospects from a cold lead to finally a converted sale. Videos can be produced for each stage of your marketing funnel, such as brand awareness videos for the top of the funnel, lead generation Read more

Brickhouse Video Production now offer a video content marketing service called “Brickhouse Hooked”. Video creation is a great way to engage with your customers and attract new prospects. Your videos can be a part of the prospects journey through your sales funnel. Videos can be classed as new and unique content, that can be leveraged through the appropriate channels. This type of “click bait” can be used to drive more traffic to your website or customer acquisition assets you may use. Videos are used to break down barriers, and move potential buyers along the sales funnel from attraction to conversion. In its simplest form it is a lead generation service Read more

So, you’ve created an engaging creative video, to show off to your fans, but in order to make the video work its hardest, you need to continually grow your avid fanbase. Fans, followers and subscribers who feel they have a more personal connection with you, will be a lot more likely to share your videos, and so organically grow your fan following. Tips to encourage a greater and more active fan following include: Reply to fans comments in the commenting section, in order to show you care about the comments and are an active video channel creator. Fans love to hear from you! You should “heart” a comment, if justified, Read more

Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan attended VidCon 2018, a conference created from scratch by Hank and John Green in 2010 that brings together fans, creators, and industry leaders to celebrate the power of online video. One of the main topics was to discuss the next big steps for creator monetization. Creators can range from lone bloggers to multi-national companies, wishing to expand their brand. YouTube lets creators connect with their community and gives them the opportunity to earn money while doing what they love. Thanks to advertisers, creators around the world have been able to build businesses, creating an entirely new global economy that’s seen incredible growth. Specific monetization routes Read more