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In order to maximise conversions, you need to have a great offer. Here we list a collection of strategies for you to consider in relation to your product or service. For each offer component consider what you currently offer and what you could offer, to maximise the potential of your offer. Ideally you need to include a selection of these in your offer/USP/value proposition and general marketing, which includes the copy in your video. Product or service Associated services or products Logistics Deliverability / Availability Customer / Technical Support Selection / Convenience Risk Reversal / Guarantee Warranty / Policies Bonuses Terms Pricing Quality Perceived Value Status Reputation Joining The Club Read more

You can have a great video, but without the correct promotion, the video will not be as successful as expected. Effort should be taken to promote your video. Here are some video promotion strategies to get you going. Did you know you can optimise your videos for the search engines on You Tube? With a combination of a compelling video, and the necessary keywords used, you can gain great exposure. The description is where you would put your message, using keywords that are searched by visitors, this also tells the search engines about your video content. Also include a call to action and a link to your landing page. Video Read more

You can easily enhance your Instagram video ads to perform well in your feed, check out the following suggestions to bring in a better ROI for your video ads. The best piece of advice to give is to base your video ad on a single topic. Viewers need to be clearly informed of the product being sold and have a clear call to action of what to do next, whether it be a sales video or a brand awareness video. Too many options will lead to a lower ROI. One exception could be to use an Instagram Shoppable Post, and link to a few different products. Instagram video ads can Read more

You should be using video to create interest in your products, at various points in the customer journey. Different types of video can be used to attract different audience types wanting varied solutions. Here is a selection of popular types of videos to use in your promotion. Demonstration Videos Explaining, demonstrating and showcasing your products is a great way to show how the product or service works. You can take your viewers on a journey to understand your products. You could demonstrate the software, if it is a physical product you could put the product to the test, to prove it is fit for purpose, which will instil trust in Read more

LinkedIn can be a great platform to generate more business to business leads. Today is a challenging time to acquire new customers, as people are becoming less responsive to traditional advertising. That’s why having a consistent social media presence coupled with engaging videos, can be the way forward to generate leads. To develop your LinkedIn marketing, you initially have to outline your customer acquisition strategy. This will first entail deciding what your goals are, then defining the problems and solutions of your audience. Generally campaigns will target brand awareness or generating leads. We need our video content to resonate with our audience, i.e. our ideal prospects. It is important to Read more