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Food brands can take advantage of the exiting new ways brands are capturing increased audience share on video platforms.     For a long time, food culture has had a particular look and feel: buttoned up, pristine, curated, and clean. But times have evolved, and all over YouTube we see creators leading the charge by challenging conventions and introducing a food culture that feels less uppity, and more approachable. Watch more and learn what we’re seeing! For more information on how to create a foody video your fans would love to watch, call us today on 07920131841        

YouTube Audiences

Young parents, seasoned gamers, passionate sports fans, nostalgia seekers—we can learn a lot about people from how and what they watch on YouTube. Get to know your audience better by getting to know their behavior on YouTube.

YouTube Marketing

Not sure when to use Google Preferred versus TrueView, or how to use them together? YouTube Product Marketing Manager Jim Habig gives an overview of ad approaches while undergoing a spooky makeup transformation!

Watching Short Form Video

In this latest article we will showcase the top globally trending You Tube ads of the year. The top ad was the first to surpass 100 million views, which just goes to show that You Tube video ads are being watched by avid audiences. If you would a no obligation chat with Brickhouse, to see how we can develop your ideas into an engaging video ad, please contact us today on (+44) 07920131841.   1. At the first position is this emotional ad from Samsung. When it comes to relationships, distances don’t matter. We will take care of you, wherever you are…   2. Clash Royale: The Last Second (Official Read more

YouTube has made some huge changes to adverts appearing before user videos recently, with them going from 30 seconds, to 15 and now to the tiny amount of 6 seconds! Advertisers now have to become extra creative with the way they do things as 6 seconds isn’t quite long to create an epic  story. While there isn’t a set formula for creating these memorable short story videos, people are finding a way to do it. These four tips are a perfect start for doing your own. Your story should be focused on a single purpose In the past, fitting a story, information about your product, taglines and branding into 30 Read more