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Trends 2020

There are set to be many changes in the next decade, regarding industry trends, consumer behaviour and new technologies. Advertising leaders, such as Google, are always trying to get a competitive advantage over competitors, which is constantly bringing in new digital marketing innovations. Here are a few trends for 2020 in relation to digital marketing strategies. Utilise the New Video Apps There has been a rapid increase in short form video app platforms, such as TikTok, and YouTube short form video ad campaigns. This content is creative, and easily digestible. The difficulty is how marketers can use these types of platforms, when everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Read more

Videos are now becoming the primary digital marketing tool for businesses to showcase their products and services, ideally giving a company essential viral exposure. It has become apparent that there are essential tips to use when creating and promoting a commercial video, that will help the video gain the necessary traction needed. Make your videos interesting and exciting to watch. We must ensure our video is not considered to be a boring video, and should ideally have a viral component to the content, to encourage social interactions and sharing. Shorter videos are often remembered and even watched to the end. Our viewers online are often short of time, and usually Read more

Online video marketing is increasing in popularity, as companies utilise the medium of video. Videos have become a valued asset by Google, and Google will often rank a video on page one, rather than traditional web pages. Social media platforms are currently expanding to encourage more video plays, through making it easier to advertise with video, and encouraging users to share viral videos. Here are some essential tips for optimising your videos for the search engines After you have created your video, you need to reach out and connect with your target audience. Write a good video title in the style of a headline. This is the most important signal Read more

Creating a video is an exciting process, but ultimately, we need our video to integrate into our overall marketing strategy, and bring in a return for our investment. Here are a few of the most common video marketing mistakes we see, and some suggestion to avoid making them. A lengthy intro to your video could lose your precious video viewers This really relates to Facebook and Instagram. We need to create videos specifically tailored to these platforms. Users on these platforms behave differently to users on other channels. We know from statistics that the average video view time on Facebook is 6 seconds, so we need to grab our audience’s Read more

A new search feature by Google will enable Google to break down sections of the video you are watching. It is now even more important to have a video creation strategy as Google will show precise sections of your commercial videos in its search results. Google will often show video on its page one, linking to your video on the different video channels, and if set up correctly, currently can show suggested clips, and jump you to a portion of the video that will answer the visitors specific query. Now Google has gone one step further, and is testing a feature called “in this video”, which shows a timeline of Read more