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Creating a video is an exciting process, but ultimately, we need our video to integrate into our overall marketing strategy, and bring in a return for our investment. Here are a few of the most common video marketing mistakes we see, and some suggestion to avoid making them. A lengthy intro to your video could lose your precious video viewers This really relates to Facebook and Instagram. We need to create videos specifically tailored to these platforms. Users on these platforms behave differently to users on other channels. We know from statistics that the average video view time on Facebook is 6 seconds, so we need to grab our audience’s Read more

A new search feature by Google will enable Google to break down sections of the video you are watching. It is now even more important to have a video creation strategy as Google will show precise sections of your commercial videos in its search results. Google will often show video on its page one, linking to your video on the different video channels, and if set up correctly, currently can show suggested clips, and jump you to a portion of the video that will answer the visitors specific query. Now Google has gone one step further, and is testing a feature called “in this video”, which shows a timeline of Read more

Simba are one of the leading ‘mattress in a box’ companies in the world right now. We partnered with Simba to create epic showcase product videos that demonstrate their style and products. Simba started as a thread company in 1979 and only branched into creating their own mattress in 2002, when they created the Simba Hybrid. The first video we created took the viewer on a journey both though the company, by focusing on the thread that started it all, and through the inner-workings of the mattress itself; exploring each layer in depth. Therefore, we used CGI animation to take the viewer inside “The Perfect Night’s Sleep”. This video consists Read more

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Initially, once a client touches base, we will have a discussion to outline how far they are in the creative process. Some clients are completely clear with their vision, while others may only have an end result in mind, e.g. to promote a product, or gain extra brand awareness online. Further discussions will establish the building blocks to create the desired video. This would include potential goals, the target audience, which in turn will lead to the tone of the video. At this stage we would examine the major client competitors, for any brand traits and values of the topic to adhere to. This process is intended to develop a Read more

Using Storytelling to Create Compelling Brand or Product Videos The best, and most viral, videos tell stories – either about a brand, product or about about people. Brickhouse Video Productions’ aim is to tell the stories of every brand and showcase in the medium of video – even if this is their product or brand values. Ideas that connect with the audience and makes them think or feel the brands character, in our experience, always makes more of an impact, than a jam packed informational video. This will create great empathy with your brand and its demographic. Creating epic and inspiring videos is always going to be more creative – Read more