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LinkedIn can be a great platform to generate more business to business leads. Today is a challenging time to acquire new customers, as people are becoming less responsive to traditional advertising. That’s why having a consistent social media presence coupled with engaging videos, can be the way forward to generate leads. To develop your LinkedIn marketing, you initially have to outline your customer acquisition strategy. This will first entail deciding what your goals are, then defining the problems and solutions of your audience. Generally campaigns will target brand awareness or generating leads. We need our video content to resonate with our audience, i.e. our ideal prospects. It is important to Read more

Hey there! Hope you’re keeping well. By this point we are all well and truly in survival mode. In this new reality we’ve got 2 options: 1.  Retreat into ourselves 2.  Take back control Communication with your audience is crucial right now, and a great way of taking back control of your comms is through animation. It always has been an exciting way of visually conveying a branded message, but its importance has just gone through the roof.  With animation you can fully immerse your audience in your world, and by drawing inspiration from your brand you can tell engaging stories, simplify complex subjects, control brand messages and bring previously dull material to life! Read more

Hey there, We wanted to let you know what we are doing at Brickhouse during these uncertain times. Things are changing for business and society as a whole. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by COVID-19. As of now, the Brickhouse team are working from home and will continue to do so until we are advised otherwise by the Government. The welfare of our staff and the people we come into contact with is of paramount importance to us and we are doing whatever we can to limit the risk of infection. That doesn’t mean that we’re closed for business. Far from it, in fact. All client campaigns are moving forward, Read more

Video can give extra instant meaning to marketing messages, with tone, cadence and expression. Video can give authenticity and enhanced communication for your landing pages and campaigns. We can now use your video content, the same as TV ads were used before the internet. To target our desired audience. Now we do not need to pay a TV network, we can broadcast our messages on many different video channels, and promote via social media. Short-Form Video Versus Long-Form Video Short form content, usually below 2 minutes, is used to attract peoples attention at the start of the sales cycle, and can also be used to promote your longer video content. Read more

Trends 2020

There are set to be many changes in the next decade, regarding industry trends, consumer behaviour and new technologies. Advertising leaders, such as Google, are always trying to get a competitive advantage over competitors, which is constantly bringing in new digital marketing innovations. Here are a few trends for 2020 in relation to digital marketing strategies. Utilise the New Video Apps There has been a rapid increase in short form video app platforms, such as TikTok, and YouTube short form video ad campaigns. This content is creative, and easily digestible. The difficulty is how marketers can use these types of platforms, when everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Read more