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You can have a great video, but without the correct promotion, the video will not be as successful as expected. Effort should be taken to promote your video. Here are some video promotion strategies to get you going.

Did you know you can optimise your videos for the search engines on You Tube? With a combination of a compelling video, and the necessary keywords used, you can gain great exposure. The description is where you would put your message, using keywords that are searched by visitors, this also tells the search engines about your video content. Also include a call to action and a link to your landing page.

Video is becoming the most used marketing collateral, and we should be creating videos to use in our video PPC ads. Video snippets should be used where-ever possible, in order to increase engagement, and spark a prospects interest in our offer. We can also take advantage of call to action overlays on You Tube videos.

Something which should not be overlooked are long form videos, these can work well when associated with a converting landing page, for instance we could show the long form video, when someone has opted in on the landing page.

Normal text-based landing pages can be enhanced greatly by a sales video placed on the landing page. This extra video presentation of your offer will add more trust and so convert more prospects.

The inclusion of a video in an email is also becoming popular and has been shown to increase conversion rates greatly. You do not need to add the video to the email, you could add a thumbnail that when clicked leads to the video.

After you have created and published your video, a quick way to spread the news is via your social media networks. Post the link to your video or upload it directly to the social channels.

A target link for social media could be the video embedded on your website. You could create a video for each service or a video to answer important questions your prospects may have.

Always remember to place some company branding within the video to enhance brand awareness. In addition to this, use a call to action where appropriate, if the video is created to sell a product or service.

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