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If you are worried about commencing your first drone flight, and need some advice on avoiding any mishaps, here are some drone flight safety tips, that can help minimise problems from the outset.

It is always best at the beginning to choose an open area to fly your drone. Ensure there is minimal signal interference. This point is essential for beginners, as it will lead to less panicking and significantly decrease the chances of a crash.

Test you battery to ensure it is fully charged, if the battery has been stored for a while, it will have probably lost some charge, batteries do degrade over time, so testing batteries regularly is important.

An essential pre-launch check is to check the condition of the propellers. Make sure they are connected properly, and are free from any debris. Also check for any dints from previous mishaps, which will affect flying control.

The compass determines flight orientation, so it is an essential safety measure to calibrate the compass before you fly your drone.

To avoid any embarring incidents, turn on your controller before you power up the drone, to ensure the drone is always under your control.

Conversely, after your drone flight, power off the aircraft first, then switch off the remote control.

After your flight, the battery temperature will probably be raised. The battery will sense the temperature and will not be in a state to recharge, so for safety it is advised not to recharge the battery straight after a flight.

After flight, carefully package your drone up for transit, taking care to remove the propellers, and store them to avoid any damage in transit. Also attach the gimball clamp to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Your drone should be stored in a dry, cool and non-magnetic place until further use.

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