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So, you’ve created an engaging creative video, to show off to your fans, but in order to make the video work its hardest, you need to continually grow your avid fanbase.

Fans, followers and subscribers who feel they have a more personal connection with you, will be a lot more likely to share your videos, and so organically grow your fan following.

Tips to encourage a greater and more active fan following include:

Reply to fans comments in the commenting section, in order to show you care about the comments and are an active video channel creator. Fans love to hear from you! You should “heart” a comment, if justified, to reward the loyal fan for commenting.

Pin useful, fun or popular comments to the top of the board and use the comments report to see which videos have the most comments.

There will always be spammy comments, you should moderate these by removing, reporting or hiding the comments, but don’t be too harsh with the comments, as you need all opinions in order to look like a fair, well biased channel. For general viewing you could screen out certain words by using the blocking list feature.

To further encourage interactions, as most viewers are of the “listening” type, you could ask questions, in the form of a Q&A session, and make use of the poll cards.

Sometimes you will be able to source fan-uploaded content, which you can then add to one of your video channel playlists.

To rank higher in the YouTube search results, you should make sure your video meta data is comprehensive and fully filled in – making use of keywords associated with the video content.

Finally, and this may well be the best source of new traffic, collaborate with fellow creators, to cross-share video links, and join each other’s conversations.



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