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How to Create a Video that not only Tells a Great Story but also Drives Real Business Results

  1. Grab attention and educate through humour

Certain topics appear in marketing over and over, like before-and-after, testimonials, product demos, and credible spokespeople. So many companies are doing exactly the same thing. You need to break through that noise to get your brand noticed and to help viewers learn about your product or service.

One way direct-to-consumer brands do this is by using humour. As a strategy, it makes complete sense. After all, two of the main reasons people turn to platforms like YouTube are to be entertained and to learn something new. It is no surprise, then, that a video campaign blending these two things would be effective.

  1. Make it easy for viewers to become customers

Storytelling has taken over marketing. An inspiring story can indeed do wonders for brand awareness, but marketers should never forget their ultimate goal: to convince customers to buy their product or service.

Direct-to-consumer brands know this all too well. In many cases, they literally can’t afford not to seal the deal. They don’t have the time or budget to wait. That’s why they focus on making it easy for viewers to convert.

  1. Test and measure the things that matter

Digital marketers often set targets around views and click-through rates, and then fail to accurately measure and correlate these metrics to sales and return on ad spend. But for direct-to-consumer brands, it’s conversions that matter.

The best way to make sure you’re reaching those conversion goals is to test your way through. That’s why, when shooting a client video, we script and film in modular formats, giving us a lot more creative to experiment with. If we test one cut and it doesn’t meet our acquisition goals, we can quickly swap in another edit of the video to see if that works better.

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