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Trends 2020

There are set to be many changes in the next decade, regarding industry trends, consumer behaviour and new technologies. Advertising leaders, such as Google, are always trying to get a competitive advantage over competitors, which is constantly bringing in new digital marketing innovations.

Here are a few trends for 2020 in relation to digital marketing strategies.

Utilise the New Video Apps

There has been a rapid increase in short form video app platforms, such as TikTok, and YouTube short form video ad campaigns. This content is creative, and easily digestible. The difficulty is how marketers can use these types of platforms, when everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

A strategy would be to take people on a video journey, telling a story through a set of short form videos.

Use Voice Assistants

People are now beginning to realise the potential of voice assistants, and gaining the confidence to use them.  It is inevitable advertising experiences will enable engagement in conversational marketing, as people utilise the voice assistants for many more varied tasks.

Invest in Mobile Experiences

Customers now expect their mobiles to work the same, if not better than other digital technology. They expect a totally frictionless experience. There are a few strategies to help markers stay on top of their customers mobile experience, these include, investing in faster loading, mobile optimised pages, such as AMP and PWA. Brands should split test and tailor campaigns, to appeal to different consumer groups. Analytics specific for mobile engagements should be monitored for trends and usage.

Mobile users often use image and video search for answers and inspiration of what to purchase. Web pages must experiment with getting the correct mix of text, imagery and video, to appeal to the mobile user.

Be More Creative in 2020

A creative-led marketing campaign, targeted and personalised to the customer base, can often be more successful, and may also have the benefit of being easily repurposed for other media formats and different channels. Consumer data driven insights can be used to lead a creative team to deliver better converting marketing campaigns, which engage with the consumer.

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