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Using Storytelling to Create Compelling Brand or Product Videos

The best, and most viral, videos tell stories – either about a brand, product or about about people.

Brickhouse Video Productions’ aim is to tell the stories of every brand and showcase in the medium of video – even if this is their product or brand values.
Ideas that connect with the audience and makes them think or feel the brands character, in our experience, always makes more of an impact, than a jam packed informational video.

This will create great empathy with your brand and its demographic.
Creating epic and inspiring videos is always going to be more creative – more fun! But there is a kind of catharsis in creating a video that, on first review of the brief, should be dull, but through both ours and the clients vision, becomes exciting, and new to the market.

The brief is instrumental in gaining an idea of what the client wants the style to be.
For Cisco – starting with an information video about being pioneers of change, resulting in a finished product that was an epic journey, from building a sailing boat, and then seeing it travel across the sea. Overlaid with the voiceover to give information on teamwork and Cisco’s brand messages of pioneering change. And likewise with videos such as Speedo Misfits.

Storytelling however needs the right audience. For example, if your target audience is millennial based – great connecting emotionally to this audience, especially if the video is only being shown online. However, if the you’re producing a product video for an older generation, then it’s probably best to limit the story and show the potential of the product.

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