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Video can give extra instant meaning to marketing messages, with tone, cadence and expression. Video can give authenticity and enhanced communication for your landing pages and campaigns.

We can now use your video content, the same as TV ads were used before the internet. To target our desired audience. Now we do not need to pay a TV network, we can broadcast our messages on many different video channels, and promote via social media.

Short-Form Video Versus Long-Form Video

Short form content, usually below 2 minutes, is used to attract peoples attention at the start of the sales cycle, and can also be used to promote your longer video content. Long-form video tends to be over 2 minutes, and is used later in the sales cycle, to educate and sell to warm and existing prospects.

Using Video for Selling and Engaging

To initially engage with consumers, we wold use fun, entertaining short form videos, possibly creating a montage of content, which will work well to enable those all-important initial interactions. These can be used on your social media, blogs, email and ad campaigns. Entertaining videos are also used to promote events, online and offline.

Later, as we actually sell to our audience, we could produce more product specific videos, explain the benefits of our products, these videos will also benefit from testimonials.

It is important to have a consistent video engagement campaign, to help enable repeat business.

Using Video for Engagement

There are many ways to create entertaining videos that engage. But one type of video also creates authenticity, is the interview montage type of video. Initially list 10-15 questions, then source candidates that resemble your target audience, then use the responses in the montage video.

To be more targeted, you could use one question per video, relaying the responses from a selection of interviews. People love to hear the thoughts of other people, as it can re-assure them that they are “normal”, which also gives the audience confidence to interact.

For even more trust and authority, you can demonstrate your manufacturing process, especially if you have something great to tell the world, such as you are organic, use less plastic, take care of employees, protect the ocean etc. If people know your story, a proportion of these will begin to rave about your product.

It is important to initially set out your intentions for the video campaign e.g. target audience, editorial diary, content needed, video type, products to promote and mission values.

Using themed content over a period of time will give the consistency needed to engage people.

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