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Casting is often an overlooked part of the production process but is one that can make or break the finished piece. In the same way a director, camera operator, writer or any other member of the team should be chosen with care, so should the people who work on the other side of the lens. We’ve gathered some essential tips to take the pain out this tricky process for both casters and castees.

Getting casting right
Casting has a lot of the yin and yang about it. A successful session is just as dependent on the producers getting it right as it is on the actors playing to their strengths. From our experience, here’s a brief list of Brickhouse tips to help make sure you only need to cast the net once to get the right people for the part.

Producers and clients

Cast when you’re ready – don’t leap into it
Time can easily be wasted in casting sessions if you haven’t briefed the right people correctly. Often agencies are quite willing to send actors to castings for experience but this is a waste of your time. Make sure you build good relations and know exactly what you’re looking for so you get quality not quantity.

Build an Actors database – Keep details of every audition
The actors you see may not be right for this part but may be perfect for the next script that comes along or even a few years down the line as has often been the case with us. Film each audition and keep it archived so you’ll always have a talent bank to call on.

Facilitate the Performance
Nobody can be themself when nervous so always try and make the actors feel welcome. Some of the best actors are nervous until they feel comfortable. Some, on the other hand,are over-confident and can affect the group dynamic. You’re always managing the group so try and keep everything calm.


Quality not Quantity
You’d be surprised how many actors think the louder they are or the more they say, the more chance they have of being cast.

Be prepared
Learn the lines and prepare for the role you are auditioning for. Try not to leave anything to chance and you’ll have more chance of leaving a lasting impression.

Be a team player
Many casting sessions involve group exercises. Be ready for this and take an active part to show off your strengths.

Stay calm!
Easy to say, we know, but nerves are the main reason actors don’t make the shortlist at casting so try and keep yours under control. Relax…you’re amongst friends!

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