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This month we’re focusing on Brickhouse co-founder, film maker and Director, Gino Evans. The man with the plan to one day take Brickhouse into space.

Over to you Gino.

Who are you?
Gino Evans, a half Italian, half scouse filmmaker who supports Everton, likes South Park and loves Melanzane Parmigiana.

What do you do?
I’m a director and writer.

Why do you bother?
I bother because it’s a brilliant feeling when you have an idea that works on screen and it’s good seeing people’s reactions to the stuff you make. I’ve done it professionally for about 10 years now and there’s always something I want to learn or a type of story I want to tell or even some new kit I want to get my hands on. Video making is constantly evolving and it’s exciting to be doing it.

What do you get from it?
I get a buzz when something in our videos hits an emotion or when creating a performance and scene that feels real. I like how videos can be layered and can reach the viewer in many different ways. When a project is complete with the edit, sound mix, vfx and the grade, I feel lots of pride from seeing the finished film.

What is Brickhouse to you?
Brickhouse is bloody amazing! It’s a crew of talented people who want to push the boundaries of video production. We create genuine, stylish and thoughtful work that looks cinematic. We strive to reach audiences and we want to be the best at what we do.

And what are you to Brickhouse?
I created Brickhouse with Mike and Dave and I direct the work we produce. When we’re on the job I work with the team to make sure we achieve our vision for the video.

Where is Brickhouse going?
Brickhouse is going to take the production world by storm. We’ve started with adverts, slowly building working on bigger campaigns and then eventually transfering that knowledge to broadcast and feature films.

When will it get there?
July 2022… it’s going to be hottest summer on record, The Qatar world cup will be even hotter and we would’ve just released a global award winner.

What’s your favourite film? Why?
Pi (1998) by Darren Aronofsky. I love the dark paranoia in the film and that it gets you in the head of an extremely original character. The film was done on a really low budget but some of the shots at the time were groundbreaking. The main character is trying to predict everything that happens in life through maths patterns. The closer he gets, the more destructive and mental he becomes until eventually he drills out part of his brain with a power tool… A film for all the family.

Who’s your favourite director? Why?
Darren Aronfsky and Alejandro González Iñárritu. Darren Aronofsky, when he mainly focuses on a single character (Pi, The Wrestler, Black Swan) is fantastic at creating surreal tension and hooking you into a character’s struggle. A lot of Alejandro González Iñárritu earlier films (Amores Perros, 21 grams, Babel) make moments within them feel real and the performances he gets are authentic. His stories often intertwine starting from a tragedy that ripples across the whole film and I like the way he cuts up the timeline in the edit making his films feel less linear.

What’s your favourite bank holiday? Why?
Haven’t got one. Not arsed.

What’s your favourite fruit? Why?
Cherries, because of the taste sensation they deliver to your tongue.

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