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These days videos are everywhere, you only have to go on Facebook for 10 seconds to have a video pop up in front of you. Our friends post them, our co-workers share them, and brands use them to advertise their products and services.

Below are four reasons why videos, especially short form content videos are dominating the internet and why you should take advantage of this.

  1. More people are watching videos online everyday

Studies are constantly showing how more people are watching videos on the internet, and recent reports show the average person is watching at least 22 hours of video in a single month! It’s highly likely these 22 hours of videos are broken down into many short form videos, with each being watched 10 seconds to a couple of minutes at a time. To keep people’s attention, especially on sites such as Facebook, short videos are seen as the way forward. With these short videos, businesses are seeing huge opportunities to advertise their products and services.

  1. Businesses are using videos to attract and engage with audiences

If you can find a trend that is rising in popularity, and you can make money from it, then this trend is likely to stay around for a long time. Online video is a perfect example of this, businesses have found many ways to engage with audiences and create loyal buyers with their videos. A great example of this is Red Bull, instead of posting about new flavours and mildly interesting subjects; they are making videos on extreme sports and updating their fans on great athletic achievements. You may not buy Red Bull, but you may find yourself sharing one of their videos of a daredevil in a wingsuit flying through mountains using a headcam. Everyday more brands are moving into video marketing to get more customers, and to build brand loyalty.

  1. It’s not as hard to become noticed

With the advances in technology there are so many more options to film for a marketing video. Videographers can now make brilliant videos at a fraction of the cost it would have been 10 years ago. These days we also have the benefits of having high quality sound recorders, amazing editing materials and better microphones to enable us to create compelling videos.

  1. There are more places to post your videos than ever

It’s obvious that YouTube is the biggest site to post your videos, but there are now many more popular sites to showcase your work. Sites such as Vimeo are great for the more artistic videographer, and the search results make it a lot easier to find quality work compared to YouTube. Another site that is becoming popular is Pinterest, as it has a new video feature which gives curators great opportunities to pin videos to their boards.

Compared with Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is seen as a sharing experience, so simple it makes the potential or virility of its videos even higher.


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