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Once you have created your exciting brand video, showcasing your products or services, you will need platforms to showcase the video on.

One such channel is your own website, in fact a page on the website, designed to convert visitors into leads.

You video will help build trust in your brand. Other trust factors, that should immediately be visible to the searcher, upon viewing the page, include having an easy to use navigation, your phone number, the page should be mobile friendly, and ideally include a benefit driven testimonial.

Visitors tend to skim web pages, having a bold call to action may catch the eye of a browser, the call to action may be to phone call, or filling in a lead capture form, the lead capture form could even be scrolling down the page as the viewer reviews the page.

To help, in the first place, to attract a visitor, we can use SEO tactics, such as adding the page keyword in the page title, ensuring the page is fast loading, and the use of social media icons to gain some social indicators.

To see which calls to actions are working best and examine the types of visitor, we can install Google Analytics or a similar analytics solution.

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