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Initially, once a client touches base, we will have a discussion to outline how far they are in the creative process. Some clients are completely clear with their vision, while others may only have an end result in mind, e.g. to promote a product, or gain extra brand awareness online.

Further discussions will establish the building blocks to create the desired video. This would include potential goals, the target audience, which in turn will lead to the tone of the video. At this stage we would examine the major client competitors, for any brand traits and values of the topic to adhere to. This process is intended to develop a clear vision for the video in the mind of the client.

To keep client brand consistency, we would review all established marketing channels, such as web content and social media, even though we aim to create a unique and exiting video, the customer will expect certain brand guidelines to be adhered to, so as not to confuse people through the customer journey.

Referring to the creative brief, we will develop a few initial ideas for discussion, at this stage it is normal to bounce ideas around, in effect developing the storyline while liaising closely with the client.

During this process we adhere to budget and timescales already determined.

A detailed outline, with explanations on how the video gives value to the brand and vision is then created. Highlighting such things as tone, colour scheme, story, brand, disruptive content if required and call to actions.

Brickhouse Video Productions works with a huge variety of clients, helping them to realise their vision for a video content program.

To discuss creating a creative video brief for your company, and the subsequent video marketing, call Brickhouse Video Production today on 0330 058 5333 or email [email protected]


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