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Creating a video is an exciting process, but ultimately, we need our video to integrate into our overall marketing strategy, and bring in a return for our investment.

Here are a few of the most common video marketing mistakes we see, and some suggestion to avoid making them.

  1. A lengthy intro to your video could lose your precious video viewers

This really relates to Facebook and Instagram. We need to create videos specifically tailored to these platforms. Users on these platforms behave differently to users on other channels.

We know from statistics that the average video view time on Facebook is 6 seconds, so we need to grab our audience’s attention quickly, in order to encourage them to continue watching the video.

Vague introductions or nice-looking footage with no worthy content will often fail to get users to watch the rest of the video, even though the video itself may be a great video!

It is common practice, due to the way videos are initially rendered on Facebook, for users to watch videos with no sound, so initially it is vitally important to grab the viewers attention without relying on audio.

The solution to this is to add captions to every video whilst ensuring your visual content is eye-catching enough to appeal to your audience without relying on audio.

  1. We should try and avoid producing video content that ignores customer searches

We need to create content that people actually want to see, as opposed to making content that the company think their audience or ideal customers want to see, i.e. we need to create content that relates to the searches people are actually typing into Google or Facebook.

This is probably the main reason why videos are not discovered online, or videos struggle to log views after being uploaded online.

To give your videos a chance of being discoverable online, they should be optimised for a targeted search term. You can find these search terms by doing some keyword research, to discover the actual terms, topics and issues your customers are searching for. Some terms will be searched for more than others, and an idea would be to target these popular search terms and create videos on these topics.

This will enable you appear in the search results on Google, Facebook and popular video channels such as YouTube.

The most popular free keyword research tool is found on the Google Ads platform. You have to sign up for an account with Google Ads to use the tool, but you do not need to enable any ads to use the tool.

  1. We should not expect too much from a single video

Your videos will work best if created as part of a marketing strategy, with each video focussed on a particular goal, keyword, topic or issue. Each video should be designed around the goal, with visual and text content relating to the goal, and provide the solutions for the customers precise query.


So, best practice would be to craft each marketing video with a specific goal in mind. Common goals can include objectives that would make you discoverable, build a community or generate sales.

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