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YouTube has made some huge changes to adverts appearing before user videos recently, with them going from 30 seconds, to 15 and now to the tiny amount of 6 seconds! Advertisers now have to become extra creative with the way they do things as 6 seconds isn’t quite long to create an epic  story. While there isn’t a set formula for creating these memorable short story videos, people are finding a way to do it. These four tips are a perfect start for doing your own. Your story should be focused on a single purpose In the past, fitting a story, information about your product, taglines and branding into 30 Read more

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It’s common knowledge that back in 1894 – 1929 silent movies were all the rage, this was because sound couldn’t be synchronised with videos. In these films, the dialogue was shown with their gestures, miming and title cards. More and more you’ll find many videos on Facebook are doing this too. This is because Facebook has the ability to show users videos without the sound, which has made many brands and videographers find ways to interact and captivate viewers without the need for sound. After all, if you’re at work, and go on Facebook for a few minutes, you don’t want everyone at work hearing the videos you’re watching. When Read more

These days videos are everywhere, you only have to go on Facebook for 10 seconds to have a video pop up in front of you. Our friends post them, our co-workers share them, and brands use them to advertise their products and services. Below are four reasons why videos, especially short form content videos are dominating the internet and why you should take advantage of this. More people are watching videos online everyday Studies are constantly showing how more people are watching videos on the internet, and recent reports show the average person is watching at least 22 hours of video in a single month! It’s highly likely these 22 Read more

Google’s cardboard VR format has been on the marketplace for a while now and has been influential into getting people interested in virtual reality. A great initiative to get people to use VR has been their Expeditions program, this allows people to be in the middle of 360-degree photos and 3D scenes which has historical importance. With the Expeditions program, people have been able to visit sites such as the Colosseums of Rome, the Taj Mahal and even go behind the scenes of Alexander Hamilton’s life. This new Expeditions app has allowed the public to experience its educational tours using only a cardboard or Daydream headset and android phone. This Read more

Creating a fluid and stable shot is essential to a lot of our work. We have used different methods of stabilisation over the years which mechanically isolates the operator’s movement, allowing for a smooth shot, even when the camera moves over an irregular surface. Big innovations have been motorised gimbals which electrically stabilise the movement in real time. Simply put, a gimbal is a pivot point that allows rotation along a single axis. Combine three separate gimbals to allow rotation along three different axes and you have a 3-axis gimbal — and an excellent tool for achieving silky-smooth, handheld video. In the never-ending quest to achieve smooth handheld video, a Read more